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Netval - Network for Research Valorisation

Netval is a recognized Association, whose current members are 64 Universities, 15 Public Research Bodies (EPR), 13 Scientific Hospitalization and Care Institutes (IRCCS)), 3 foundations, 2 agencies and an association.

Founded as an informal network between universities in 2002, Netval subsequently became an association in 2007, and extended its membership to include non-university members.

Netval's mission to bring value and showcase the world of public research, via the creation of a community of TTO Manager professionals (over 400 in 20 years).

In the Italian context, Netval shareholders represent, at 31 December 2020:

65,3 %

of all Italian universities

93,7 %

of university teachers

95,4 %

of university professors belonging to scientific and technological disciplinary sectors

97,2 %

of the total number of public research spin-off companies (n = 1,688)

97,2 %

of the total number of public research spin-off companies (n = 1,688)


A Network for Technology Transfer

Netval was born shortly after the so-called Tremonti standard, known as "inventions to inventors" (art. 7, l. 383/2001), which introduced a disparity between researchers employed in public and private sectors, and between public researchers themselves. This standard also added a layer of complexity to the relationship between companies and the world of public research, making it extremely hard to work together. Since its introduction it has been heavily criticized by the university and business world and also by the researchers.

Following this, the universities, which in those years were slowly and with difficulty setting up their technology transfer offices (TTOs), found themselves in a legislative context that complicated the already difficult transfer of public research results.
For this reason, in November 2001 the Politecnico di Milano called on all Italian universities, to come together and discuss the matter at hand, in order to establish common strategies that would allow the technology transfer process to move forward. 27 Italian universities answered the invitation, and subsequently, in Rome, on the 21st of November 2002, 28 Rectors signed a document which stipulated the primary objectives:

  1. To unify the principles and criteria to inspire patenting procedures, the establishment of "spin-offs" and technology transfer.
  2. To uniform the legal tools used and stipulate the basic rules in the matters referred to in the previous point.
  3. Making essential information freely available within the community, to strengthen the opportunities for research cooperation, on patenting issues and patentable results, by identify the best conditions to increase the economic impact of research results; both via licensing and by evaluating the factors for the creation of spin-offs and business incubation.

From 2003 to 2007, the "informal" Netval network organized a series of workshops aimed at disseminating knowledge and defining procedures and criteria for enhancing public research outcomes. Meanwhile, new institutes joined Netval, bringing the number of members to 49.

At the end of 2006, a unanimous decision was made to transform the network into an Association. Thus, on the 11th of September 2007, at the Politecnico di Milano, the 27 founding members finalized the proceeding to create association Netval.

NETVAL's objectives are:


Sharing and strengthening the skills of Italian universities, public bodies / research institutes and all partners to better communicate research results;


Offer training and workshops to re-hash skills in the field of research enhancement;


Provide guidance on best practices to foster and maintain collaborations with industry;

NETVAL set itself the objective of catalysing the dissemination of the TT knowledge and culture in Italy, via initiatives aimed at bringing together the Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) of Universities, EPR and IRCCS, by means of workshops, training courses, meetings and discussion group, and by publishing and distributing the NETVAL Annual report, which give an annual overview of the technology transfer ecosystem in Italy.

In particular, since its establishment, Netval has developed the most complete and up-to-date training program available in Italy on the subject of enhancing public research results. Over the years, its training activities have expanded, as a results of receiving positive feedback from the main participants, many of which are TTO staff from universities and public research bodies.

The main projects through which NETVAL carries out its mission are:

  • Training and communication of intellectual property culture, patenting, licensing, management of research contracts and know-how, and supporting the creation and growth of university research spin-off companies (catalogue courses, on request, collaborative courses with CRUI and CODAU).
  • Participation in the European ASTP network.
  • Spreading the technology transfer culture and helping with establishing industry relations, to improve the impact of public research.
  • Research enhancement activities regarding technology transfer in the public sphere through an annual collection of information by all Italian universities, EPR and IRCCS (NETVAL Survey).
  • Networking activities among the members (staff exchange programs, sharing of best practices and standard documents, organization of working groups, discussion forums and workshops).
    • Networking activities between the university world, the economic infrastructure, institutions and the world of finance (Summer School, Winter School and conferences).
    • Creation of the www.knowledge-share.eu platform, developed on the initiative of the Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo; to make freely available the key information of Italian academic patents and technologies, in order to bring companies and research groups together, and favour the development and commercialisation of research results.
    • Creation of the portal www.spinoffitalia.it in collaboration with the Università Politecnica delle Marche, which contains information about Italian spin-offs belonging to the Italian universities and public research centres; with the aim of highlighting the entrepreneurship that arises from the exploitation of research results public.

A platform to navigate between patents and technologies

Knowledgeshare is a joint project of the Polytechnic of Turin, of the MISE Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) and Netval which aims to represent for Italian companies the meeting point with the knowledge developed by university research and Research Centers, which can be object of concrete application. It is a portal created to make available in a clear and understandable way information relating to patents and technologies that represent the excellence of the scientific know-how of Italian Universities and Research Centers, in order to make news regarding the Third mission accessible and in contact research groups and companies in order to enhance the results.
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